White Wines

traubweiss White wines Muscadelle is planted in small quantities, to produce a rich, sweet aperitif wine. The highly ripened, raisin-like grapes were picked very late in the harvest and produced awonderful juice, who stopped fermentation at 15° vol. and kept a liquorice sweetness of honey and butter-caramel. After a year of maturation in oak casks, it shows now a golden Cognac-colour and the flavour of dried apricots and almonds.The harvest of the white grapes is timed to the optimum of ripenes, to achieve a well balanced combination of flavour, acidity and alcohol. The maceration takes place in stainless steel casks, to keep the freshness and fruitiness.

2016 Sauvignon blanc AOP Sauvignon blanc is one of the most popular varieties in the world. Young, with a crisp fruit of gooseberries, green peppers and a fresh acidity.

2015 Chardonnay AOP A small, exclusive parcel of land is reserved for the Chardonnay vines, which grow very well at Bosc Long. Here the Chardonnay bears a wonderful full bodied white wine and impresses with it#s fresh flavours of apple-and lime tree blossom. 

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