"Life is too short to drink bad wine".
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"The wine rises into the brain, makes it sensible, quick and inventive, full of fiery and beautiful images."
William Shakespeare
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"A good glass of wine is apt to awaken the mind."
Konrad Adenauer
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Our philosophy

On a hill, above the small village of Cahuzac sur Vere, lies Domaine Bosc Long, overlooked by its distinctive, over 100-year-old cedar tree. Here, in the heart of the Gaillac wine-growing region, 60 km north-east of Toulouse, the grapes for our distinctive and characterful wines grow and ripen. The estate was founded in 1855 by a great opera lover. Domaine de Bosc Long has been under German ownership since 1970. The vineyards cover an area of over 50 hectares, situated on the heights of the Premier Cotes de Gaillac, the highest quality sites in the growing region. Our range is complex and offers the right wine for every taste. The quality wines offer an appealing drinking pleasure, the predicate wines a great potential and an impressive storability of 15-20 years. Enjoy tasting our fine wines from Gaillac.

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Yours, Andreas Rips

The red wines are all produced using classic mash fermentation. The rosé, in contrast to the red wine, absorbs the rather delicate and subtle aromas from the grapes in addition to the only light colouring. The white wines…

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Our wines

The best way to taste our wines is to visit our shop. Follow the aromas and choose the best wine for you. 

Your virtual wine tasting

New date in autumn - coming soon

Immerse yourself in the world of wine, go on a virtual wine walk and experience the whole range of a hand-picked variety of tastes of different wines from the Domaine de Bosc Long in our very entertaining 2-hour wine tasting. In a short theory session, the special features of the wine are first presented. Afterwards, the tasting of 5 wines awaits you. After this tasting, you will enjoy your wine from a completely new perspective and we guarantee that you will experience new nuances of taste.

You can expect an exceptional wine selection, which is a blend of our best varieties and has won various blind tastings, classics that should not be missing in your wine cellar. Expand your taste horizons and experience our wines.

"Perfect wines"

"The quality of the wines has convinced me, the price-performance ratio is perfect."
Nathalie Poppinga
ANNA Marketing

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